Home Based Child Care

Ages 4 Weeks to 12 Years

“Transportation Provided”

Consists of Home Based Child Care Providers who are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care to provide safe, nurturing care to small groups of infants and young children in their homes. Each home is monitored regularly by WCEC, DEEC and a food sponsoring program. HBCC Providers are trained in CPR, First Aid, and the development of individual curriculum for each child. They assure that each child is given individual attention daily, a warm nurturing home environment is provided for the infants and  each child is encouraged to develop their cognitive, language, social and motor skills at their own pace. On-going communication is an integral part of the relation between parent and provider and parents are welcome to visit a HBCC home anytime during operating hours. Each home is well equipped with supplies and materials that are age appropriate and multicultural, and are rotated on a regular basis. Most of the HBCC staff and Providers are bi-lingual.