Mission Statement:

“WCEC, Inc. provides nurturing and stimulating child care that is responsive to the entire family, by offering programs and opportunities to those most in need.”

Vision Statement:

*A strong stable leader in the education and development of children and their families;

*A critical resource that enriches the whole community by educating, nurturing and successfully developing those families most in need;

*A model child care organization, that attracts substantial private investments of volunteer time and financial contributions and public policy support.

There must be many opportunities for the child to socialize with peers and adults. Each child is an individual with unique interests, likes and dislikes. He or she must have frequent opportunities for free choice and self expression.

A child learns best in a stimulating environment. Our curriculum provides for a balance of teacher-directed activities, self exploration, and plenty of play. We provide and encourage the children to participate in many activities which will develop them physically, socially, and cognitively.

A great deal of care is taken to communicate often, and to accomplish this we have a bilingual and multicultural staff. As child care providers, we are professionals with a strong working knowledge of the developmental stages through which children grow.

All of our programs are either accredited or in the process of applying for accreditation through the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs from the NAEYC.

State subsidized care is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC) for the children of parents who are either working, enrolled in educational or training programs, seeking employment, as well as for families involved with the Department of Social Services. We also have private fee tuition slots.

As a licensed, 501-C not-for-profit organization WCEC, Inc. is partly dependent on the general public for monetary contributions and offering of goods and services which are tax deductible.